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What to expect

Is this the best sauna in Estonia?

No. We are not a luxury spa or a secluded guest house. We created Rangi saun to make a normal homely Estonian sauna experience more accessible and give visitors to Tallinn the opportunity to learn about Estonia's sauna heritage, while enjoying typically Estonian food and drink. We are always happy to recommend other saunas around Estonia, either because we are full or because you've tried Rangi saun and now want to find even more weird and wonderful Estonian sauna experiences! 


What's the plan?

Our sauna experience lasts for three hours. It's usually on Saturdays from 1400 to 1700, but we can be flexible sometimes too depending on the group. We'll have already started heating the saunas by the time you arrive, but we'll need your help to keep the fires burning. Before the saunas are ready to use, we'll also discuss the history, traditions and design of Estonian saunas while sampling local food and drink. You'll then get to actually enjoy the saunas you've helped prepare and experience the sauna traditions inside. 

What should I bring?

We will provide you with a towel, a felt sauna hat and environmentally friendly washing products. Our washroom drains to the ground below so most other washing products are not suitable. You are also welcome to bring your own swimming costume, which is optional inside the sauna, and you may want to bring flip flops and perhaps a dressing gown for your own comfort between sauna sessions. 

How hot does it get?

The smoke sauna heats up to around 80 degrees Celcius, but it's a gentler form of heat than most saunas and it is actually the humidity that is most challenging. We first use a dry heat, which is ideal for having discussions inside. After the first session, the humidity is slowly increased as we stay to enjoy the leil, which is produced as water is poured on the stones. Going to the sauna is not about pushing yourself to the limit though or seeing who can stay in the longest. We encourage you to leave when it no longer feels comfortable and then return when you're ready. For a good sauna, cooling down sessions are just as important as heating up. For the ultimate experience, we keep a barrel of cold water for submerging when you are ready!

Who else will be there?

We accept groups of up to eight people at a time so you'll get the opportunity to meet other visitors, but let us know if you'd prefer your own group.

What does it cost?

It's €45 per person. We can currently only accept cash or a bank transfer (try TransferWise for low cost international payments), but we will be able to take card payments too in the near future.

What about food and drink?

Good food and good drink are essential ingredients for a good Estonian sauna. Our main priority is to ensure you stay hydrated while using the saunas, but we will also introduce you to our favourite Estonian home-cooked snacks. Sprat sandwiches and sauerkraut soup are our favourite, but please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.

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