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About us

Anni and Adam are two Estonians who met through a mutual love of saunas. That's where many of the similarities end though!


Anni grew up in Nõmme immersed in sauna culture, while Adam's family fled the Baltic states during Soviet times so he only rediscovered his heritage - and love for saunas - later in life with the help of Anni. As a result, they bring two very different perspectives. Anni has an in-depth knowledge of Estonian culture, while Adam is interested in how Estonian culture can be more accessible for international visitors.

They built Rangi saun together in order to combine the best elements of their favourite saunas, preserve an authentic homely experience, and also ensure that it can be a welcoming environment for international visitors - even if they've never been to a sauna before and don't know what to do!

You can read the full story of how we have been developing Rangi saun on our Medium blog below:

How we opened our smoke sauna

How we opened our smoke sauna

In Estonia, even a sauna can be developed like a startup.

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