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We love writing and talking about Estonian sauna culture and our sauna adventures around the world. We've also hosted a few international media outlets already at Rangi saun. Below are some of our favourite articles and videos that have either been created by us or about us.


Estonia: Land of saunas, forests, & startups

We took the Boston Globe to the sauna for this wonderful article, which perfectly encapsulates Estonians as "the digital people and the forest people".


Interview with Adam Rang

Adam recently gave an interview to Tallinn in your Pocket, a useful magazine published for visitors to the city, for a special sauna-themed edition.


Smokin' hot!

There's a nice feature about us in EasyJet's December in-flight magazine. Journalist Lauren Bravo was really interested in exploring what makes Estonian sauna culture unique, while Estonian photographer Gerli Paju (aka Ekvilibrist) took amazing photos. The result is a very funny article that perfectly encapsulates who we are. You can read it online (from page 38) on the link below.


Here's proof Estonians can vote online anywhere!

We voted in our tünnisaun (hot tub) to demonstrate how i-voting works in Estonia. The video went viral and even made it to Japanese TV!

SM19_Adam Illingworth-3082.jpg

What is the European Sauna marathon?

Business Insider asked us this question so we let them know!

SM19_Adam Illingworth-2854.jpg

Race Report: European sauna marathon 2019

Here's our own overview of Estonia's annual sauna race (not to be taken too seriously!).


Firmengründung in der Sauna

German news show Tagesschau broadcast a report from our sauna about innovation in Estonia. Even our cat Laima made a star appearance!


Adam Rang: Dual citizens are part of Estonian story

Who has the right to be Estonian and what's the best way to protect our culture? This is a hot issue so Adam was asked by the state broadcaster to share his perspective. This isn't really about saunas, but gives the context for why we think it's important to help people learn about Estonia.


Dear David Beckham...

After David Beckham bought an Estonian sauna, we put together some advice for him about how to make the most of it!  

Image from iOS (9).jpg

How to make sauna whisks

Estonians have been beating themselves in the sauna with bundles of branches for longer than records recall. Here's how (and why) they're made from the forests of Estonia.


Career Hunt 2018

We hosted top tech and IT professionals from around the world as part of Career Hunt 2018, a great initiative from the Work in Estonia programme to show people what it's like to live and work in Estonia. Of course, that had to include sauna!


Tallinn's first public smoke sauna

Estonia's state broadcaster, ERR, reported about the launch of our business.


Saun on sulle kasulik!

Here's another article from ERR, this time in Estonian about why saunas are good for your health and mood. We thought it was funny that they chose to illustrate a picture of us for this.


How we opened our smoke sauna

Estonia is the land of startups so we believe every business can be developed like one, including a sauna! Here's the unlikely story behind Rangi saun.


Sauna bid heats up

We were featured in the UK's largest newspaper, the Sun, (on the front of the business page above an article about Elon Musk!


The history of saunas

Saunas go deeper than you might think, quite literally in the case of the earilest saunas, which were built for survival before becoming intertwined with the lives of the people who used them.


Know your Estonian saunas

These are the 10 most common types of saunas that you can experience in Estonia.


The Sauna Congress at the edge of the Arctic

People travelled from around the world to share sauna knowledge, including Japan, the UK and Australia.



Here's a report for our Japanese speaking friends.

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