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"Tucked away in a garden in the leafy forest suburb of Nõmme, lit by twinkly lights and a gently crackling fire pit, the homespun Rangi saun is a world away from the panpipes and towelling slippers of the generic spa experience. Instead of warm prosecco, we're drinking kali, the traditional treacly beer brewed with Estonian black bread. Instead of scones and curling sandwiches, there's a simmering pot of hapkapsasupp, sauerkraut soup with potatoes and salted pork. And instead of a massage and mani-pedi, I have been vigorously hit all over with a sauna whisk made from eucalyptus leaves. Nobody has tried to upsell me body lotion." - EasyJet inflight magazine

Recommended for visitors

Rangi saun has been recommended by visitor guides in Estonia and Finland, as well as this great feature published in the EasyJet inflight magazine after their reporter flew out to see us. Tallinn in Your Pocket also lists us as a top Estonian sauna to visit and recently published this interview with Adam Rang.


International features

We've also featured in a number of international media reports where we've helped explain the deeper story of Estonia and what kind of country it is today - usually inside the sauna. This includes the Boston GlobeGerman news show Tagesschau and Bayern 2 radio (in this blog and podcast).

We've also featured in videos made by Estonia, such as this video (in German) from Visit Estonia and this video from the Work in Estonia programme.

Making headlines

Rangi saun has made the news too. Estonia is a digital nation where almost anything can be done online from anywhere. So we started our company inside a sauna and also turned our sauna into a polling station where we voted online for our most recent national and EU elections. A video of us voting in ice water went viral on social media and even made the evening news in Japan. The EU Parliament also filmed a video about us voting while having a sauna and used it in a series of videos (like this one) about how their elections work.

Outside the sauna

When not having saunas, we also do serious work with our clothes on too, although also focused on helping Estonia in line with our values. Anni consults and gives talks about green building, while Adam focuses on digitisation and entrepreneurship. As a result, we've been featured sharing our own thoughts on these topics too. Adam has written for Estonia's public broadcaster, ERR News, about the importance of helping people connect to Estonia and how Estonia can protect its business environment from criminality while remaining open to entrepreneursYou can also watch this cool short documentary by TL:DR News about Estonia's e-Residency programme, which features Adam.

Sauna correspondents

We also write a lot ourselves about Estonian sauna culture, both on our own 'Estonian Saunas' blog and as sauna correspondents for various news outlets. Many of these articles are then picked up by international media. Most recently, for example, we documented an old Audi that had been converted into a sauna, which then made headlines around the world, including here on BBC News.

Adam has twice reported on Estonia's 'European Sauna Marathon', first in a video report and article for public broadcaster ERR and most recently as an article for Estonian World - for which he was also interviewed by Business Insider.

Visit our Estonian Saunas blog at and make sure you also follow Estonian Saunas on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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