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We are currently writing a book about Estonian saunas based on our own experience as well as research with saunamasters, archeologists, historians, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, community activities and, most importantly, people who go to the sauna. For now though, you can read more about Estonian saunas on our Estonian saunas blog.


Below are some of our most popular articles.

The best saunas to visit in Tallinn’s Kalamaja district

Kalamaja is home to some of Estonia’s quirkiest, grandest and most creative saunas.


Here’s how sauna whisks are made in the forests of Estonia

Estonians have been beating themselves in the sauna with bundles of branches for longer than records recall.

RACE REPORT: The European Sauna Marathon 2019 in Otepää, Estonia

The 10th annual competition featured new technology, more nationalities and crazier outfits.

VALA: This floating forest sauna is free if you can find it

You can explore the Estonian wilderness without leaving the sauna in this unique vessel.

A new sauna is swaying in the cradle of Estonian culture

Lauri Palumets built this floating sauna cabin in Tartu as an affordable place to live while studying to be a teacher.

Sompasauna: The world’s most public sauna

This Helsinki sauna doesn’t appear in many guide books.

Here’s proof that Estonians really can vote online from anywhere

We jumped into ice cold water during a sauna session to vote in Estonia’s Parliamentary election. Just because we can.

After thousands of years, the sauna is still the best social network

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey goes to the sauna every day, but he’s missed the most important benefit.

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